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Long Range & Rife Precision Shooting Training

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Orange Accuracy is a rifle shooting and long range shooting specialist niche provider. Born from current operational exponents, Orange Accuracy combines tested techniques with technology, whilst underpinning the performance with sound principles of marksmanship. Orange Accuracy is a research, development, training and performance provider.
Orange Accuracy has been born from over 15 years professional shooting, training and operations. Throughout this time we have tested and proven many of the world’s current best practices in the art of rifle and long range precision shooting. With this experience we can offer you the most up to date and technically correct shooting and coaching methods to increase your shooting skills and knowledge.  
Orange Accuracy is dedicated to increasing your ability whether you have just obtained your firearm’s licence and are wishing to build a solid foundation to establish your shooting career. Orange Accuracy is aimed at everyone from elite shooters who rely on their rifle for a livelihood to beginners and everyone in between. Knowledge is power, all our courses provide the theory and science of how and why, along with the time to put it all into practice, increasing both knowledge, power and skill.  
Our director and head instructor, Jay is a long time firearms instructor, holds a current Australian Capital Territory Firearm’s Instructors Certificate, Certificate IV in Training, with Orange Accuracy’s courses registered and gazetted with the A.C.T. Government. Although we are ACT based we travel - bringing the knowledge and skill to you.   
Contact us so we can discuss your requirements for training and venues.




NB. We apologise for the inconvenience, but due to our heavy training schedule there is very limited opportunity for us to run this course. 

This program is designed for those new to the sport and art of rifle shooting. In a friendly and 'no-stress' environment we will take you through all you need to know to get your journey into this time honoured skill started. Our aim is to give you enough professional knowledge and skill to safely get your shooting pastime off to the best possible start.


We will carefully walk you through safe handling of not only your chosen rifle, but we will give you the training and confidence to handle other firearms you are likely to encounter in your newly chosen past-time. We then move onto the correct and safe set up, and maintenance of your rifle so that it will be as accurate as possible for as long as possible. Moving on from here we take you through correct shooting positions and techniques, followed by how best to obtain your zero including the theory behind this process. We finish the day with a few tips and tricks to help on your path to shooting success and safety. 

This course is currently only being scheduled as requested by Shooters - contact us for more information. 

Topics cover: 

  • How your scope works and why

  • Rifle and rifle scope set-up 

  • The shooting Fundamentals 

  • Shooting technique 

  • Zeroing and Grouping 

  • Hold-overs out to 300m 

What you need: 

  • Valid Australian Firearms Licence 

  • Rifle and scope 

  • Any tools associated with your rifle system 

  • 100rnds of ammunition to suit your rifle  


$550 p.p. + GST (group course)

$850 + GST (if undertaken one-on-one) 


Our Long Range Shooting training will get you well and truly on your way to reaching your long range goals, regardless of your previous training or experience. During the training we discuss and explain external ballistics along with how the environmental conditions, including wind, are going to affect your projectile all the way out to your target.  After training you’ll leave with a confidence in yourself and your kit that will have you knocking over targets at distance.

Topics covered: 

- External Ballistics 

- Rifle scopes & reticle patterns (including yours) 

- Precision Shooting Fundamentals 

- Rifle set-up, grouping & zeroing 

-  Ballistic software & ballistic software calibration 

- Wind reading & calls 

- And all the practical shooting required to learn and cement all the theory

With Long Range Shooting training packages from 2 to 4 days in duration we have the course to meet you requirements, skill level and time frame. 

If distance is what you desire this is the Long Range Shooting training course for you. This training requires a higher level rifle, scope and ammunition package (contact us to discuss this further). As we reach out further, ballistic software is your greatest ally - we prefer Applied Ballistics or Field Firing Solutions, as these will save you both time and money (and reloading time).See our Loan / hire Equipment page or contact us to discuss your best options so we can personalise these to your needs. 


- Magazine fed

- Capable of 1 MOA or less 

- Preferably Short-action Cal’s (magnums heat up quickly)

- Preferably not Sporter Weight barrels as these heat up very quickly and lose precision

- Bipod



- Minimum total mag: 12x (eg; 3-12x??mm)

- Exposed tactical or capped turrets with return to zero capability

- MRAD preferable however no issues with MOA as long as reticle is also MOA.

- First Focal Plane preferable however no issues with SFP.

- Christmas tree style reticle or reticle with half mil hash lines for ballistic calibration.

- Anti-cant device: level bubble or similar


Ballistic Software: 

- We recommend, use and teach Applied Ballistics. 

- We also recommend, use and teach the Kestrel Weather Meter w/ Applied Ballistics 

- Applied Ballistics can be downloaded to your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play 


$550 p.p. / p.d. + GST

$850 p.d. + GST (if undertaken one-on-one) 


NB. We apologise for the inconvenience, but due to our heavy training schedule there is very limited opportunity for us to run this course. 


We develop and tailor training to suit your needs, experience and time frames.  

- Individuals or Groups

- Newly licenced 

- Hunters 

- Competitors 

- Professionals 


Fees starting at: 

$650 p.p. / p.d. + GST (groups of two or more) 

$850 p.d. + GST (if undertaken one-on-one) 

Contact us discuss you training needs.




Email or call us to get signed up. You can also use or booking page on this website. 


Majura - A.C.T.​​​​​


  • Thursday 22 - 23 February 2024​ - BOOKED OUT

(wait list only, email us to be added)

  • Sunday 26 - Monday 27 May 2024 - BOOKED OUT

(wait list only, email us to be added)

  • Advanced L.R.S. Sunday 14 - Tuesday 16 July 2024 - BOOKED OUT (waitlist only, email us to be added)

  • Sunday 6 - Monday 7 October 2024 - BOOKED OUT        

  • (wait list only, email us to be added)

  • Thursday 5 - Friday 6 December 2024 


Castlemaine - VIC


  • Advanced L.R.S. Wednesday 12 - Friday 14 June 2024 -     BOOKED OUT (waitlist only, email us to be added)

  •    Thursday 14 - Friday 15 November 2024 -                          BOOKED OUT (waitlist only, email us to be added)

Yes we have waiting lists for our Booked Out courses. Email us if you wish to be place on any of these.



Send us a message and we will send you through all the information your looking for. Whether its booking a course, enquiring about a tailored training package, some new shooting equipment you're looking at, or you just want to say hi, fill in our contact form and we'll be in touch.

A.C.T. Australia

+61 400 523 953

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Thanks for submitting!


  • Current and Valid Firearms Licence with the relevant firearms category endorsement.

  • Photograph identification other than Firearms Licence

  • Your own rifle and ammunition (round numbers vary – please ask for requirements prior to your course)

  • All relevant safety equipment required for practical range practice, e.g. hearing protection, eye protection, enclosed footwear.

  • Copy of documentation proving ownership or being a register user of the firearm to be used for the course.

  • A recent National Police Check

All participants are bound by the Firearms Laws of their home Jurisdiction, the Laws of jurisdiction in which the course is being undertaken and those of Australian Federal Law. By signing up to undertake any and all courses facilitated by Orange Accuracy you submit to abide by these relevant laws.



The Answers You Need

  • What is the general attitude of the instructors and other attendees? 

We are passionate about our shooting, and passing on the knowledge and experience to those shooters who come to train with us. Every shooter we have trained to date has arrived with the same passionate attitude and has always been eager and willing to assist others in the same friendly manner in which the training is delivered.   

  • How many Shooters are typically on a course? 

One to Eight participants, we maintai a 1-4 Instructor to Participant ratio. All training packages run by us are tailored to the individual or to small groups to accommodate their available dates. 

  • Can you provide some more information on the difference between the Intermediate and Long Range Shooting  

The Intermediate package is focused around the shooter that is coming back to the sport or has been shooting for a while, has had no professional training and is looking to improve their knowledge and ability (shooting / body positions, shooting fundamentals, rifle scopes, external ballistics, basic wind calls).

The Long Range Shooting training is focused on developing the knowledge and understanding of ballistics and wind reading to be able to engage targets to the outer limits of your chosen calibre (Long Range shooting fundamentals, rifle scopes and reticles incl. Mil range estimation, External ballistics, Ballistic Software and ballistic software calibration, wind calling). 


  • What distances do you shoot out to across the courses?

Intermediate 0 - 400m (can be increased out to 900m with the appropriate learning curve and equipment).

Long Range Shooting 0 - 930m  

  • What calibers do you recommend for each course

Beginner and Intermediate training .223 (5.56mm) to 30cal (7.62mm) Magnums

Long Range Shooting training: .243 (6mm) to 30cal (7.62mm) Magnums

  • What optic range do you recommend for each course?

We can and do work with all scopes. For Long Range Shooting training we recommend a higher quality scopes with various magnification capability (e.g. NightForce ACTACR & BEAST, Khales ‘K’-line, Steiner Tactical series, Bushnell Tactical Elite, Vortex Viper PST, Schmdit and Bender PMII etc.) 

  • What optic type do you recommend to match with the course (FFP or SFP, reticle Pattern, magnification range)?

Again we will work with what you have. In saying this a variable magnification scope in First Focal Plane (FFP) allows the shooter to use the reticle pattern to maximum effect in ranging, wind calls and fall of shot correction. Milliradian Reticle / Milliradian adjustments are best.

  • Are muzzle brakes encouraged or discouraged? 

We encourage them, anything to make taming recoil easier is a winner in our books. However this is not to say they're essential.   

  • Where are the ranges you use located?

We operate out of Canberra and use the local ACT ranges, and now in Castlemaine VIC. 

  • If the weather is bad, what are the options (ie rain or total fire ban etc)?

We are yet to have conditions that have prevented any training. We have awnings that we use in bad weather to keep you and your gear out of the rain. 

  • What do you recommend bringing to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable? 

During winter months warm and wet weather clothing, Canberra can be cold. All you need is your shooting gear, some lunch, and we provide you with everything else you need, including home baked muffins for morning tea. ​

  • Do you do any chronograph testing?

Yes but only to check the quality of the ammunition, not to calibrate ballistic software. High quality ballistic software will calibrate the muzzle velocity along the entire flight, not just at the muzzle. We recommend and use Applied Ballistics, ballistic software. ​



From the Source

I just completed a 2 day course with orange accuracy and could not have been happier with the training and the outcomes I achieved over the two days. Jay knows his stuff and was an excellent communicator of the information.
I would highly recommend anyone thinking about doing some formal training to get in touch with Orange Accuracy

Sam S. (Facebook review)

Just spent a great two days on the long range shooting course, it was excellent. De mystifying the Kestrel and learning how valuable (essential) a shooting tool it is was just one part of this great training. It’s a 10/10 from me

Kim L. (Facebook review)

Jay is highly experienced and knowledgeable about long range shooting. he can explain complex theory so that it is easily understood and relatable to your application. there is a lot of well explained theory in the course and a large practical component for reinforcement and demonstration of the theory. all content is delivered at your pace and Jay makes sure you understand before moving on to another subject. there is lots of time to ask questions and go over the fundamentals. I highly recommend this to every shooter regardless of experience you will learn lots!

Beau Ricketts - Precision Varminting (Facebook review)

Great course run by those who have a lot of knowledge and passion for shooting to help others improve their skills. The team answered all our questions and was a great learning experience. Would do it again. Well done, keep up the good work.

Adam L. (Facebook review)

Just finished the LRS course with Jay at Orange Accuracy.., what a fantastic course!! We covered everything we needed to and nothing we didn’t. We learnt the proper usage of Kestrel weather meters and Applied Ballistics software, the process and systems for shooting long range, proper scope set up and much, much more. I’m still amazed that I was able to shoot multiple clay targets (only 100mm across!) at 1000 yards. So, if you have an interested in shooting long range, I highly recommend you give Jay at Orange Accuracy a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Mark W. (Facebook review)

Just completed a 2 day course with these guys and came away with knowledge and skills above my expectations. I definitely recommend these guys and will be looking to do more courses in the future with them.

Lance C. (Facebook review)


Here at Orange Accuracy we expect and accept nothing less than pure perfection from our equipment and services, that's why we only deal with Australia's market leading professionals. 

If your looking to purchase equipment that you can depend on in every situation, check of the list of preferred suppliers below for you Shooting kit. 


Huntsman supplies precision, custom, and long range shooting products. The Huntsman website provides every shooter in Australia an ability to access high quality firearms, parts and accessories, from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone. All Huntsman staff are keen shooters and hunters and draw on their unique military, industry, and product experience.

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“Task oriented, minimalist, hand crafted equipment, made with quality materials and solid design concepts. We are a small, bespoke, family owned and run gear workshop in Melbourne, Australia. Every product we make has been developed and produced to address an equipment deficiency. We are proudly the Australian distributors for Armageddon Gear, Precision Rifle Solutions and Triad Tactical out of the U.S.A. We consider Orange Accuracy to be the most credible and approachable training group in the country!”


Optimal Performance Solutions’ (OPS) mission is to research, educate, train and inspire individuals so they may achieve a level of operational preparedness and resilience that assures them complete tactical or task-focused superiority in any operational situation. OPS possesses an extensive network of manufacturers, partner companies and subject matter experts that allows it to bring to bear a diverse range of cutting edge products, services and training methodologies that cover the full gambit of tactical applications.

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Australian owned and operated wholesale distributor that's on a mission to give Australian shooters better access to leading international firearm and accessory brands.SJS Trading Co.'s business is to get stand-out brands like Surgeon, Fierce, McMillan, Armalite, Bettinsoli, Rizzini, HS Produkt, Talley Manufacturing, LimbSaver, J Dewey Rods and many more in to a dealer's store near you.

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